Koh Kai Yang

4I was a student in Greenish Learning Centre from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. I was first introduced by a classmate of mine who found the learning environment conducive. Soon, the Centre had inevitably been one of the important learning stages of my life. The care, concern and dedication shown by the teachers was not limited to just my studies, but to my personal well-being as well. There was friendly competition among students in the same tuition class. The environment here has spurred me on to improve myself as a student and as a person. I have achieved consistent good grades during my time here and had a great improvement on my weaker subjects.
As of 2015, I am a university undergraduate majoring in Marketing. Having been inspired by the passion and dedication of Mrs. Tang and the rest of the teaching staff, I have decided to join the Centre as a teacher. I hope that I will inspire the students, as my teachers had inspired me, by providing the best tuition services to enhance their learning experience.

Ex-student of Greenish Learning Centre

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