Pre-school English

Pre-school English

Reading is a joy, yet many children are struggling to read well. Our English Reading Programmes lead children progressively through the world of sounds and words to become confident readers and learners.

Stage 1 – Our Green Apple
At this stage children pick up pre-reading skills such as phonemic awareness and alphabets. They are taught rhyming as well as blending and segmentation to aid in reading and spelling.

  • Phonemic awareness is auditory and does not involve words in print

Stage 2 – Our Greener Apple
When the children know that if the “b” in “bat” is changed to the “c” the word becomes “cat”, they are ready to move into phonics. At this stage, children are introduced to letter-sound relationships systematically, sequentially and explicitly.

Stage 3 – Our Greenest Apple
Children who can read are now ready to walk along the bridge between word recognition and comprehension. Through monitored oral reading, children would improve reading fluency and enjoy reading. What’s more, regular reading helps children to learn spelling, grammar and vocabulary subconsciously.

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