Primary School Science

Primary School Science

Primary Science lessons are meant to be interesting, interactive and informative! It introduces young learners to the fascinating world of Science, encouraging them to explore beyond existing boundaries.

Our curriculum broadens students’ general knowledge and develops their higher-order thinking skills. Students are provided with comprehensive notes and handouts for introduction and practice that centre on scientific issues and concepts as well as real-world applications.

Building Stage

The Primary 3 and 4 Science programmes are designed to build a strong foundation by introducing theoretical concepts and key words as well as establishing process skills for students to excel academically. The topics covered include the diversity of living things, life cycles of animals and plants, human and plant systems, magnets, light, heat and matter.

Mastering Stage

The Primary 5 and 6 Science programmes are designed to strengthen students’ foundational skills. In addition to focussing on Free Response Questions and Multiple Choice Questions, students revise through reflection. The topics covered include air and living things, electrical system, reproduction in plants and animals, water cycle, force, energy, adaptations and environments.

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